Saturday, April 12, 2014

99 Minutes of Madness

Taking time down to bear on one’s, I would like to know the feelings of 99 minutes of Madness. Why should the minutes not be less than 99 minutes or more than it. It may be because, there is something striking to the double digit number itself. I shall start off with the figures in which the design of the numbers take.

If we first of all inverse the nine, it could be taken for six. It is just the standing up form of six. One is on its legs and the other is on its head. It itself is madness to stand on one’s head when one can stand on its legs. That is what the number nine does to six – stands on its legs instead of standing on its head.

The next reason why the number 99 stands out with numbers less than 99, is because if one more is added it would make 100 and when an extra digit is there the amount seems so much larger than a two digit figure. This is primarily the reason why the ninety nine craze took on as a business strategy the world over. There was much to be gained by the madness for the vendors where as it made the consumer feel he was getting a nice bargain.

There is always sense to the madness that someone puts on. Numbers do play a vital part in our lives whether we are aware of it or not. If I am paying 99 cents for a burger, I feel I have got a two digit bargain where as if the vendor takes a full dollar, I feel that I am paying a larger amount. Every ones likes to save on what he buys, don’t you?

Taking this as a topic to put onto madness and show the craziness that people get up to and if we say that he took 100 minutes in his mad deeds – well, that is a pretty long time to be mad and show our tantrums. On the other hand if we step it a second down, others may feel that he is within his limits of madly sane. In other words he has a right to his madness shown towards others.

The time limit even if it is a minute or second less than 100, it plays a major part in the perspective of how others feel about it. So you might have seen that nine plays a vital part in determining the attitudinal behaviour of understanding, feeling and making out why something should be classified as it is.

Here, I go again with my ninety nine minutes to madness. Supposedly, I had a gun and with I sprayed 99 men to death with the bullets from the gun. Not to say that I am going to do so as if I did live in the United States, where guns are opened to buy and use, I might have. Getting back to the facts, people might say, that I killed only ninety nine people. They would say it in a tone in which it sounds as if it is not a large figure and he did nothing wrong. But, if we just add one one more number to it, which would make a three digit 100, people would feel that he had done a really bad deed. He killed 100 people.

The same can be said, if I told you that I took only 99 minutes to writing this article of madness. You would obviously say that I did not take much time in writing this, but if I said 100 minutes. you would say, that I took an awful amount of time and pains in writing such a stupid articles that makes not sense at all. In fact, I do not know how of time I took. All I can say, that I was in the mood of writing and anointed a topic which you might have seen at the top and began writing about it, hoping that it would make head or tails to some one and I hope that someone was you.

As you can see, that there is some method to the madness in what I write. I all boils down to bringing out a thought. The world is full of ideas which remain hidden within the soul of man. It is just that we ought to explore within the soul and you will feel that something is eventually going to come forth.

Eventually madness, has to come to an end, whether, it is with the death of the person, or by sanity taking control of him. So does this article of ninety nine minutes to madness. I hope you guys do not take me as being insane. I am in full control of my senses. It is just that I am exploring a different avenue of my thought.

Steven William Pitts

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