Saturday, February 8, 2014

What Makes Me William

What Makes Me William?

I have always asked myself this question, "What makes me William?" The only answers that I have got, is that I was not born with the name, but it was given to me by my parents. They must have believed that it was a name fitting for a child as every English must have believed. 
William is originally not an English name but one which derived from German after the Saxons which now famously known as Anglo-Saxons brought with them. The original form was Wilmer. 
Presently more than three per cent of the English folks anoint their sons as William. This is and was the primary reason why most of the famous English writers seem to have the name William. 
It is a misconception that sons that hold the name William should be called Bill. The English never do so but this trend came into practice in North America as with most of what they have done to the English Language. The Americans distorted the language as they have distorted everything else on this planet earth, making me feel that would it not have been better to have been born into a French family or a German one. This does not mean that I do not appreciate the one that was born into. I would never exchange it for any other one. 
They have a control over the language which cannot be altered by the whims of any other nation. Holding the name William, must be one of the reason why I have supported Germany in the football world cups. Besides this one, the other is that I find the one of the most disciplined footballing team in the world. Must a streak of the Saxon blood running in me.
I am fortunate that they did not only bring the blood that flows in me but also literature which most of the Williams are famed for. This is one reason why, I might like writing and have a sense of playing with words. 
If find that words are the only weapon that I have in my arsenal to combat this complicate world with so many things happening simultaneously. If feel that bygone Williams must have had an easier time as they only had to write what they saw in their immediate milieu. Mine is practically the circumference of over forty thousand kilometers.
Finally, I would like all to know that it is my thought which makes William. If we can think clearly and able to put it to paper for all to read, just like I we fulfill at least one obligation of our birth on this earth. 
Steven William Pitts.
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