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Matter of Foreign Policy

Matter of Foreign Policy

Just what to write does not come to mind easily as it should come at times. So, this title happen to be passing by and so I though, “why not make just of it”. I do not know what the outcome this article would and I hope that it would have some value in the heart of the reader.

Irrespective of which country you belong to, your government has a foreign policy. Even the government of the Vatican City, with a population of less than a thousand citizens has one. Thus every government around the world has a part of it, known as the foreign department.

One common phrase that may emit from time to time from them is, “It is a matter of foreign policy”. What does this basically means? Simply, it is a policy that is made by the government rather than by the people whom elect them, that makes the dealing of the approach towards other country.

This foreign policy is dictated by the terms of how mightily one country is over another. “I told that government less diminutive, how it should govern itself”. It is a matter of our foreign policy – a common cliché. So the mighty country dictates terms but will never do anything ameliorate solutions when it help is actually needed.

A simply analogy to make this clear is Nepal. With a country with all its faults, is trying to ameliorate the life of its citizens by broadening the roads so that the effect of commerce can have its effects to all parts of the capital. I like the rest believe, it is something good to alleviate the chronic traffic problem in the capital city.

For this to happen most the houses were broken on either side of the road but most of the embassies that that it was a matter of foreign policy not adhere to this except for the Australian Embassy. So much so, people are now forced to walk on the roads as there are no pavements in front of these Embassies. The shameless Embassies are The Embassy of the United States in Maharajgunj, The Japanese Embassy in Panipokhara, and The Russian Embassy in Balawatar.

How hypocritical! These Embassies use the Geneva Conventions but yet break it in their own countries when they believe that the less diminutive country has broken in theirs. This can be the case of a military officer call Lama who happened to visit his wife in the UK and was arrested for human rights violation back in his own country against the dictates of the Geneva Convention. This seems like an issue that those that are signatories of it can easily flaunt the international rule of law all in the name of “It is a matter of foreign policy”.

You are you in this earth all depending on what sway you hold and you can dictate terms proportional to you military strength. As in the case of the Embassies, they believe that their walls are more important and not the lives of the children that are going to school and the people going to work being knocked down by those vehicles that would move all the more faster in front of their embassies all for the want of not walking on a pavement.

Human Rights violators are those countries and their Embassies that think it is a matter of policy to do as their please not taking the dignity of other country’s request for safety into consideration. This purely my observation and what I have seen while humbly being pushed onto the road in front of the above mentioned Embassies with the danger of being killed.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer      

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