Monday, January 27, 2014

Going Off Line

“Going Off Line” seems a bit cookie to write about in the first place as most people do not like to go off line. They have become engrossed and inveigled by the powers which the digital world has given them, so much so the other necessities of life take the back door. In fact, the topic idea, metaphorically has nothing to do with it all, as some figurative approaches can also signify something totally different – in this context, it can be labelled as a metaphorical pun.
Well, I am not going off line, neither in my senses nor in the true literal way. I am a totally sane person as well as I am at my computer writing out this abstract post to make logical sense to the term itself.
It is here that I will get to my true intent. In the contemporary world, that is the present world in which we live in, we are subdued too much in the process of trying to maintain a balance of sustaining ourselves, that more than half of us have gone off line. This basically means in some way or the other there is a bit of insanity in us.
What actually causes this? There are many reasons which can be attributed to it, but what I personally feel is stress. This comes about by trying to prove ourselves in this highly competitive world where, if we do not stay in league with what is happening around us, then there will neither be growth in our ability to prove our worth and because of that there is always someone else to take our place.
The other reason for stress, is the consumerism world we are living in. To maintain our level in the social order in which we live, we need to maintain a standard, or we will not be able to sustain our level and be ostracized to a lower one which seems fit of us. No one wants to move down the ladder of the social order but upwards. This creates a demand for the generation of additional resources on people.
The modern world puts constant pressure on us as to how we must make more and more money. You need not go far to understand this phenomena. You ask any person who has graduated from school, he has a plot on his mind to get out from his surrounding so that he can make tons of it and live a life that modern society demands of him. A simple example in the case of Nepal. Every youth wants to go abroad, even the ones that have jobs in their country. What is the reason for it? Simply the money they earn here is insufficient to give to the crave they have and if they cannot fill it, then they cannot have the goodies of modern life.
If there any way that one can break free from going cookie or as the title of this post is “Going off line”? Yes, break free from this consumerism world and interact with nature. Yes, we need to sustain ourselves in this modern world, but do not over do it and live within the means. I basically do it this way. I work at my own space, and do not allow my employers to pressurize me with tons of work. As a result I am able to perform to optimism and interact with nature by taking cycle rides into the wild, both for health and to get peace of mind.
For those of you who might have already gone off the line, it might seem as if I have. That is simply the nature of how one category of people think of the next.
Steven William Pitts
A freelance content writer

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