Sunday, January 26, 2014

Applying for a Job

There are two kinds of people who apply for jobs; one that needs a job and the other that wants to better his prospects in his career line. So the first question which arises is “How am I to apply for the job?”

This all depends on the nature of formalities that is required in for it. So the first stepping is using an application, from which the employer comes to know about you.

Now, in the English language, there are no hard and fast rules as to how one should write an application. It all depends on the confidence of the person who is applying for the job. All I can say, is that he should use a straight forward approach and let the employer know as much about himself so as to impose an impression upon his mind, that he is capable of the responsibilities that would be placed on him.

The next is never impose yourself cheaply onto the mind of whom would supposedly be hiring you, as in most cases, he would be made to believe that you are condescending right from the stages of your application. If you are in need of the job, frankly, let it be known and if you want to better improve your position that also must be made known to the person.

The next thing, that is of vital importance, is that the person who would be hiring you is no one better that you. He just needs to fill in a post which lies vacant in his company. In fact, they could do that very job, if they had the capacity themselves. They would be hiring you not for you being you but for your expertise, so your should always let them know truthfully what your services to the company would cost them.

Never apply for a job, if your believe that you do not have the capacity for it. always make a study of the company and it will give you an insight into it and what the standing of it is to other similar ones. It would also let you know to a certain level the intellectuals that would be interviewing you if you are called for one.

Always mention in you application any experience that you have and it would be all the better if you could give some references to the present place that you are working in, that is the case if you are hopping from one job to another. Also remember that people are looking for experience in you rather than qualification as the latter does not merit that you would be fit for the job. Usually people who are just starting, have to first climb the ladder of success and so you cannot expect a large salary as you first must justify it. It would be better to gain it and then you have the bargaining chips in your pocket.

Finally, it all boils down to the confidence that you have instilled in you, as the words of Napoleon Bonaparte justifies itself in the cliché that the word impossible lies in the dictionary of the fools. Before I sign off, another last thing write an application in proper grammatically correct English and try not to be too verbose, it would spoil the icing on the cake.

Steven William Pitts

A freelance content writer  

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