Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why Drink to Get Drunk?

The tantalizing aroma of alcohol has led many a man astray, then why drink to get dunk is all what I say. Unfortunately, alcohol had been the first medicine which man has been consuming since man has had the knowledge of pickling things. There is much more to things which man take detrimental and harmful to his being than the eye meets. Same is the case of other such thing. Is there a hidden agenda?

The first means of enjoyment in the dark ages when man was a hunter gather was to use fruits from which he made a form of alcohol. He could have eaten the fruits for it gave him the much needed sugar but he turned it into alcohol. There must have been a reason for this. What do you think? This is what I think.

In the past while in the line search and hunting for food, he had to face many trials and tribulation which at times lead to him being injured and caused mighty discomforts. The alcohol he brewed helped to alleviate this suffering and pain and to keep him warm when shelter was less. It had much uses just as wonderful was the invent of fire and the wheel, the invention of alcohol from fruits and other cereals played a part in its own right.

Man with vetted interest try to demonize things which has had a part to play in the survival of our ancestors and which has been handed down, generation after generation. Man has also used alcohol to remove the strain of fear when he had to go into battle from the terror of getting killed or maimed.

Still to date, it has been serving its purpose. It helps people to coop with life and to remove the torment from which they may been under but at the same time it is being used to an absurd extend where the qualities of it are being over used. In this way it is having a detrimental effect of the quality of society as a whole.

Alcohol is addictive, but is not as dangerous as those other things which have been created by mankind artificially. It is common knowledge, that societies from around the world have used and still use them till to date in ceremonies and festive occasions. Even the church uses alcohol and it is known that Christ used alcohol in celebration as in the last supper.

Yes, the over use of it is warned in every society, that the over indulgence of it can have its repercussions in human life. It is how one goes about consuming this first drug that makes all the difference to his character in the modern world.

It was a known remedy that soldiers with gun shot wound were first made to drink and then hit on the head to render them unconscious and then the bullet or arrow head was removed.

Finally, I come to the question itself “Why drink to get drunk?” It is basically to enjoy oneself as the alcohol is not going to kill you if you do not kill yourself in the process of drinking it. We live life once on this earth and there needs to be times when one needs to drink just as our ancestors did in the good old day.

Steven William Pitts

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