Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Crazy for Mobiles

Being in the line of freelance content writing, where I have been brought up in an analogue world where everything was the book for reading, writing and keeping records makes the present craze for mobiles something unfathomable to conceive. Not to say that I am not in line with the use of it, for in fact I value the power of mobility it has given me but there is a limit to the value of anything if it becomes an addiction rather than a thing of usefulness. This is what is happening to the mobile in the contemporary world.

Catching on to this addiction which has taken possession of man and by which man gets addiction to anything, leave alone narcotics, alcohol and cigarettes, other take hold of this and reap dividend selling the same old thing in a better form. All the while putting pressure on the valuable finite resources of the earth.

Moreover, barring the good that mobiles better know as cellular phones might have given humanity, it also has a darker side to it. This is specially true in places where there are no proper laws which govern the use of it. Mobile phones cause a disparity between workers where one class flaunts the possession it in front of his co-workers leading to the other to get into the competition of possession one better, even thought he made possession one of these communicating devices.

The other way in which the craze for mobiles has lead people who hardly know the proper used of it using it in a very annoying and discriminatory way. You find people engrossed in an animated conversation, hardly aware of the environment around them. This is to the extend where a person driving a posh car, busy in conversation not adhering to the traffic laws and plus his reflexes for driving is taken up mentally in the conversation he is in at that particular moment. This is specially true in countries like Nepal. I am not aware if there are any laws which restricts this dangerous and detrimental use of the mobile phone, but if there happens to be one, then I must say that it is flouted to the upper most limits.

The craze for mobiles has seeped into every section of society and again I speak from the Nepalese and angle. People can barely afford to live, but to have a better and more sophisticated mobile is on the agenda of every Tom, Dick or Harry. So much so the means of getting them, which the same craze of owning a motorcycle, is leading to people, specially the youth, to means that are not so qualitative for human development.

The craze for the ownership for the better device which the disgraceful retailer, do not take two two to bring into the countries, has lead to scrupulous practices, where money is to be made heavily, not only for them but also for the government where goods that are imported are heavily taxed.

Even if companies restrict the use of mobile phones, there are flouted and causes disturbance to the co-worker, who is busy in his work trying to get his job done in time for the bosses nod.

Moreover, the additional amenities have lead to legal use of people capturing moves of people in very compromising positions. At the same time it has lead children away from the purpose of their studies as their are inveigled by the intriguing games on the mobile. This is detrimental for the child in the long run as he gets addicted to games rather than his studies which is more fruitful to his future.

It is high time that polices are pressed upon these multinational companies to take their cooperative responsibility for the benefit of humanity as a whole, not in places where laws are stringent but also understanding humans in other parts of the world, where the impact is greater on other humans who do not have the capacity and drawn into the race of consumerism.

Steven William Pitts 

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