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The Great Grand Mother – Queen Elizabeth

The Great Grand Mother – Queen Elizabeth

A rare blessing for the Queen – sacrificed so much to be eventually rewarded.

It is a rare privilege for a person to see their great grandchild that a few live to that age. This was the reward for Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip who stood by her through all the adversities of time. But faith in herself and the faith that her people who regard her more than the ultimate leader of the country, has stood through thick and thin.

She was able to prove that a kingship need not be dictatorial and played her part more like a mother then a grandmother and now a great grandmother, not only to her children but to the nation as a whole. These attribute she has instilled into her off-springs to show them the quality of kingship in the modern world.

This picture below proves so.


In this picture above we can see the honour bestored on her. The Queen is seen sitting in a chair and her son, the next in line Prince Charles behind her and to the left her grandson, the son of Prince Charles, Prince William hold his son lovingly in his arms, Prince George now the great grandson of the Queen and the grandson of Prince Charles. Fortunately for my grandmother from my father’s side had the privilege of holding her great granddaughter, the daughter of my sister two or three years before she passed away.

Some more pictures:


The privileged Couple to present their grandparents the opportunity of seeing their great grandchild in their life time. Prince William, His wife Catherine the duchess and their three month old son Prince George, the third in line for the British throne.

Now for pictures of the extended family of the royal family of Britain and Catherine’s.


I guess you would find smiles on the face of any family on such an occasion, I would have been. I know that with this I can see into the heart of Queen Elisabeth that she was truly blessed.

Steven William Pitts

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