Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Missing Link

Time and time again we hear of the missing link, but what exactly is it. As far as I could surmise, it is nothing more than what is not understood now and between then.

The first thing that comes to mind with a rational person, forget about the irrational is, “Why is there such a vast difference between man and other species of animals if god had created them as most religions propaganda?”

Well, rationally the irrational would say that god created man after his image and after his likeness after he had already created the animals after he had created the earth. This means that man was created last and given the most of the value to rationalize.

When it comes to the rational ones who are bogged down by bigotries, his rationalities would be closer to mine. Yes, we were created different from other species of animals from animals so as not to be animals but to be its protectorates.

Sadly, we as humans are on a runner away mission. We neither adhere to the principles of our doctrines nor do we use rationality to understand the basic of survival on this planet. Either way we have diverted from the actual path that the earth has made for us. Our rationality is consumed by the consumerism attitude instilled in us.

Either way, the ratiocination which stems from rationality of a rational man will only point him in one direction that as all religions says that god created him. Why would a god take the trouble of creating something? Funny as it sounds, I would not waste my energy and time creating something that I can never possess. That is true only if you understand the human psycho a little bit more deep.

We love to continue with ourselves and that can only happen if we continue to exist which is not possible to any animal anywhere. He dies leaving behind his off-spring to continue in his image. That is what the gods were doing in there realm, but sadly attributes do not die easily either in the past as in the present which any blind person can see, that we as humans are leading to self destruction with our technological powers. We need to look elsewhere to continue with our mistakes.

The first step is Mars. They say she was like earth. This was the same scenario with the gods lost in dilemma as they technologically advanced. The term genetically engineered is a term which any degree holder on earth has on his tongue and goes to the temple, mosque or church to worship. Yes, I was created in the image of god after his likeness and his mass of brains greater than the ratio of any other species of animal on earth. That is true if your ear hear as clear as I do not do. That is what could have only happened. The gods have sinned and sinners need to be punished, what better way banish them from planet earth so that they can make themselves gods elsewhere.

Given what evidence that we have with technology on earth at present – we are afraid of losing ourselves and our journey is beyond the realms of Mar. Even beyond our own solar system to make ourselves gods who would cherish in making them only to lead to further destruction in the wider world of infinity.

Steven William Pitts

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