Friday, August 24, 2012

The heart that is open

It is taken by many that the heart is an organ and very much so it is. It has the function which analogically is the same as that of a pump. If the heart is not there then the mammal class of species may have flourished but in a totally different avatar. He may have been an intelligent worm for worms are one of the species of organisms to be devoid of one but yet they live.
I am not going to take of the physical heart but the theoretical one that shows the pangs of feelings and emotions which are stirred but funnily it has an impact on the physical. When girl says “I love you” and she happens to be a total stranger to you. The commotion that it impacts you is that your physical heart begins to flutter faster and faster so much so you would not like her  to know that you are in fear that she can hear that beat.
The psychological as well as the physical heart are connected. That is the reason why writers and poets from cross isles have used it in literally every form. No writer is immune from the parody of it. It language has a word for it and it is more widely used in the figurative sense more than any other.
My heart is opened to understand does not imply that I have lacerated my heart in you to enter it because if I do do that to my physical heart, the ultimate respondent is death. I am figuratively implying that I am susceptible to understanding you feelings and I will go along with you all the way whether it is in love or for any other reason.
She has a heart of gold. This again does not mean that her physical heart is made of the highly sought after metal and if it were then she would have been that fatal results even before she was born with this innate quality. Further more she would have been the unique research of a massive scientific operation as to how we could replicate such a mysterious phenomena. Inversely the phrase heart of gold means that she is such a benevolent person that it can be compared to the quality of gold which is such a metal that its lustre and sheen makes it a metal of ornamentally plausible. In short her benevolence is compared to the benevolent qualities to giving to the avaricious greed to processing it.

Now the heart that is open like mine, is a person who has the qualities to accept ideas and innovations and agree to terms if they happen to be in confirmation with the beliefs that are mine. If it isn’t then I try to modify them and make the compatible to mine. The reason being so, that I have my philosophies and beliefs that I cannot alter as the ones that I have formed, have been made after a long arduous journey of rationalized and logical understanding. Take for example, if you happen to be doing something that is detrimental to the milieu and that I should accept it would a open heart, then you are sadly mistaken, for I shall accept it with an open heart but in the other way change and modify it to make it susceptible and compatible to my philosophies. It is because I best understand myself however hard you may think that you know me better. Many have thought that they knew me for in fact they were dearly wrong, have tried their best to modify my open heart but failed to fill it as it then becomes like a sieve that accepts the things from one end and allows it to go through the other and retaining what it filters out. I accept you with an open heart and allow it to pass through and retaining what is necessary just as what the sieve does.
Eventually, I will believe you till you are to be believed and I will never let you know that I have stopped believing you for I never real do for I am an open heart but I will do the opposite of what you really intended me to do all because you have been filtered.
Steven William Pitts
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