Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Passion

I knew not that I had passions in life. All along I thought that I were one of those stoic humans that existed on this planet but of late, I came to realise that I am different, I do have passions, but what is that passion that I am talking about? Well, it is the passion to let others know that I love to let others know my views on what I think that they should know. The best medium to do so is by putting pen to paper and then clicking away at the key board so that when one happens to come along, he has the opportunity to read some of it. This how I share my feelings.

This does not mean to say that I do not have other passions in life, I do. But what is the use of the other passions that I may have and I cannot share it with the rest of world for those passions can only be possessed by me and there is no one to share it with. It is with the passion of writing that I can share my other passions that I may possess.

What is this other passion that I have been talking about but have not mentioned it till this moment? Yes, it is the passion to use peddle power and leave my bed early and to cycle uphill to take away the toxics that may have built up the previous day. This passion is not new at all- in fact, it is a passion that I have had since my childhood but was not able to disseminate the goodness of it till I found my new passion that was writing on my blogs which is my new passion. This new passion helps me to vent and ameliorate the built up frustration in my mind and heart that others do not know of my other passions all because it seems so diminutive and insignificant in our present context and one that seems to have such a passion especially in a developing world, seems to be nuts or a beggar all because there are other ways to do the same thing without the efforts as well you rise in society without it. Let the power of the fossil fuel take the lead. Let the earth be ravaged to bring out the minerals to make the monster beauties.

My passion does none of that and what more it has turned out to be one of my best friends in life at present. It has saved me the doctor’s bill. Inversely at my age, if I had to take a passion to those monsters that from the very beginning of their creation to the destruction of the person who uses them, I believe that I would have had a soaring doctor’s bill at my age. I am thankful to myself that I have had my priorities correct from my early age.

In what way would it have been different if I had travelled the way I had not taken? What difference would it have made to me presently? My thoughts always reflect back to the master American poet, “Robert Lee Frost” from his well loved poem “The Road Not Taken”. Has it made any difference? Yes, to me but not to others. Reason:

If I did not have the passion for the bicycle, then I would need transportation in this modern world of economics and commerce for survival. That mode of transportation would have been a motor-cycle or a car. I at my age would have been fat as a pig and unhealthy as a dog. And, most of all, I would have been one additional culprit helping to destroy our earth faster. In a easier term, I would be a pariah of society.

Others may call this a vengeance that I have. You may call it what ever! But there is solid truth, if you look at it not by theoretical manner in which this written; see it with the existential thought which will have to take you way out of the league in which your upbringing may have induce ways of life. To elucidate what I have to say in my passion I need to exemplify it with the least of all the consumes from the very beginning; the motor cycle.

Currently, the motor-cycle sells at not less than $2,000 for a piece of metal moulded into a form that makes it compatible to be driven using fuel of its desire. This motor cycle begins it journey of ravaging the earth not from the time we pay the money to buy from the show room but from the time its components come from the depths of the earth; I know they as of this moment do not come from outer space. Nearly a hundred different substances are used in their production which do not come from the trees, but from below the trees that have to be uprooted to get at them: poor trees. What harm have they done to us? They have fed and clothed our ancestors for generations, they have given homes for them to live in, they have made to nature what it is, they have given shelter to the different species through the ages to multiply so that our ancestors again had game on the table to sustain his family and himself so that we may be here presently. What more in our contemporary world they balance the milieu so that we can go on living and have food on our table. The story does not end here alone. There no verdure left to call natural in the great mining pits, only scares that of man’s deeds.

After the destruction of the surface of the earth not for food production but for getting the countless elements an compounds, there is the second phase that it goes into. These raw minerals need to be refined to make it compatible for the production process necessary for our motor bikes. Here large refineries are built away from society destroying the rural rustic landscape close to urban settlements and discharging the toxic waste into to the milieu again destroying marine life and making the surrounding habitats inhabitable for the ecological system that had made the earth a friendly place to all species not only man alone but who took the benefits of it the most. From there it goes to the third phase there the different components are made and using factories and industries again and the story repeats itself again. Finally in the fourth phase, for I cannot think of any more of them, it is assembled. These assembly plants are not less bad than the rest as they guzzle fuel to run the plant and eventually, they reach we heroes that our so proud to own one.

But with us having become the hero of owning alone does not make us culpable; that is the first part of our sins, the next is the use of it. It constantly needs fuel that has to be imported if not produced locally from the depths of the earth or the seas or the oceans. Refined again to make it the fuel of our choice so that the engine can run and run, it does all the while leaving a trail of something that should not have been there in the first place.

This is an exemplification that I have given of the least diminutive of all the devils. If we add the ones in line of ascendancy, think of the magnitude and proportion of destruction of joy of having to move in comfort.

Another line of thought, which has just hit my mind. Why is man in this destructive mode of this planet that he ought to protect for he at this given moment has not other place to live as he neither has the technology nor the means to make home else where? It is my logical feeling give me what I believe, he wants to supersede his neighbour hence giving vent to commerce and economics to gratify the avaricious greed of ownership to be omnipotent. The vicious circle of greed of one giving way to the greed of another so that one is better than the other. This can again be exemplified with the motor cycle. I own one of own but my neighbour owns one better than me. He is not as good looking as I but on the contrary has more girls looking at him than I. Jealousy to own something better than his neighbour all because it confers more gratification on him by the girls that wants to own the latter because she believes him to better as he has more in ways of economics to portray and if she gets a guy of his making she believes that she is on her way to a better life that she would have if she lived with the handsome guy.

Man has left all his senses behind as he has become more intelligent; that is what he says but is it true when he showing such profound stupidity for an intelligent does not behave in such way. An intelligent man does not destroy what he loves and it shows that man does not love his planet which he calls home even though he has a home upon his home for he believes that his home is the only home. Paradoxically false, for when the earth can bear no more, she shall take away herself and our home with it. The home that we built for our off-springs. We love our children, we build for them for the hope that they will continue on us when we are not there. I love my children and I love my earth that is the reason why I am destroying it so that he has to die along with it once it diminishes to exist. I believe that his thinking is so way of the track that it has taken him way off the line of rationality for my father was not as bad as me and I am not better than him and my son will be no better than me and so my future generations will go from bad to worse till the worse scenario will come the annihilation of our home the earth.

Written by

Steven William Pitts

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