Sunday, July 29, 2012

There is much more to life.

There is much more to life, that is what the cliché which high-lights my blog below my name says. In truth, there is much more to it than what meets the eye. It all depends on how one takes it. I took it differently and so I see it differently as well.
In our modern world, we take to things that money can buy us and we live the vicarious pleasure of seeing nature on the idiot box, believing life to be full. It is only when we step into the fire of the things in reality do we see things in a new light and it is totally different from our expectations. Our youths love it more than us as it is new experience to them. In truth, they can define it in awe to us.
My twelve plus son enlightened me of this. He learned that I can do it, father, with his thin legs to reach the summit of thirty kilometres up hill cycling climb and thirty kilometres down hill as well. I was the driving factor and he takes the glory just to return home boasting about it and tells me dad, “Why not try to do it again some other time.” He took joy in looking at the verdure that is an uncommon sight in a city that is growing out of proportion and has different shade of concrete structures but not so natural. He was happy to be walking through clouds and not being able to see a metre in front of him. It was a new experience and he tells me dad, “It is like being in the movies I see on television.”
He took the joy of nature that we only now see on TV and at the movies and understood that there are real things out there which are far more enthralling than what the supermarkets, malls can provide us. He further understood that he experienced tiredness which far supersedes the comfortable rides in buses, cars of the city that is something where squalors live. He found that the air is a thousand times more fresh than his city milieu. He found the comforting sounds of nature much more soothing than the never ending cacophony of city development.
It helped not only my son but it helped me as well to find my soul that I was loosing to human avarice. That these things cannot be bought with money. It takes some effort to get away from it and it will find you, to let you know that it is there.
Bradford Henry Pitts cycles 30 km up hill
A proud look boy having conquered his inner self
Bradford my son you made me proud.
Steven William Pitts
The Human Disaster
All gust all rust,
The human disaster, is his lust;
The lust to live, a life of fuss.
He binds himself in human disaster,
A making he is creating faster;
That is turning his life from what it was,
To what it shall in the future,
For his destiny, knows no bounds,
That he has never found,
There is much more to life,
Than the bastion of disaster.
Nature builds but man is blind to see,
Cause, avarice of greed,
Has blind folded his logical self,
To the chirping of birds,
The cool airy drift of Nature’s
Self appointed machines and
The wonders of life that
Can keep you joyous mood,
That no human machine can Compare,
For man is blind, blinder than
What he can see.
Steven William Pitts
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