Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi and a warm welcome to my first posting on my blog site. It has been my pleasure to welcoming you and I hope for you to come periodically to see what I have new in store for you. On my blog you can expect matters related to English Education and articles related to current matters that affect all our lives in this country, Nepal. There will also be materials related to English Grammar, improving writing skills and vocabulary enhancement which if used judiciously by one, he is sure to improve his English skills.

Since I like to get at the truth and am philosophical in nature, I will be writing about the current situation in Nepal and what can be done to ameliorate it. When a person tries to get at the truth, at times, may also hurt the ones he loves, but I hope you don’t misconstrue the subject idea in a bias way but is liberal to see things in a broader picture.

Hence if you have any comments regarding what you have read, please do not hesitate to place your comments on my blog for which I will be happy to return a reply. 

All said and done,Happy reading


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