Friday, April 18, 2014

A Safe Trek

Green Lotus Trekking, one of the pioneers in arrangements and logistics for trekking tours to Nepal, where the company plans and takes care of the logistical and itinerary so that you have a memorable holiday in the trekker’s haven, makes it their business that you have a safe trek while under its guardianship.

Whatever safe guards that one take; there is always room for the unfortunate incidence to happen. Even the most technical and sophisticated apparatus cannot give you that one hundred per cent guarantee when it comes to mishaps. I need not elaborate with many analogies; the Airbus 360 has had its share, some of the most advanced technology has gone into its making. That is purely the nature of things and life.

These thoughts should not be a deterrent from doing things which pleases us and the same can be said while trekking. Movies have been made on the horrific experience which nature and other elements had thrown at them but if these become the obstacles, then we would never progress with the beauty of life.

While trekking not only in Nepal but also in other parts of the world, it is always advisable to take the provisions of a registered company licensed by the government of the country. This is because you could rest assured that those companies which pass the rigorous means, set down by the government, are provided them. It is only natural that no country wants a bad image on its tourism sector, which portrays the country to the world.

Many have trekked to the various trekking destinations in Nepal under our safe protection and have returned home not only with the memorable experience of the trek but also with what the company provides with numerable tells of their trekking exploits with pictures of the enthralling picturesque mountains, lush green rural life and bare rugged Himalayan terrain and most of all the hospitality of the people who are ever so willing to be of help in times of tribulations.

Yet, things do go wrong, so you should adhere to the advice of your guide and the other people who bear the burden of keeping you safe. They are knowledgeable of the natural surrounds and the limitations which can be borne by a human body. The main dangers are falls, getting lost and high altitude sickness, and in stray instances, animal attacks.

Nepal is a rural country so there are greater chances of hitting upon civilization but this becomes more and scanty as the altitude climbs. It is advisable that you do not trek alone. This is because a thousand one things can go wrong and there would be no one to come to your rescue. Companies like Green Lotus Trekking make it a point of their business that you return home safe. Once you hire us for our service, you become a person under our protection and not a stitch of harm comes to you whilst.

Remember for a memorable and safe trek in Nepal, it is Green Lotus Trekking and you are guaranteed a trek to go down in the books of your history.

Steven William Pitts

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