Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wanting to Live

Ten million dollars of wealth but no means to spend it, will obviously want you to continuously live on. Yet, time comes when nothing can be done about this extension in life.

The continuity to life is not always dependent on money alone. Money is not life and neither can it make life, so money is not everything in life.

Wanting to live, a person has to set the rules to make it so. Life is not something which is infinite. There is a time when you are born, then live and eventually die. How long you live all depends on how healthy you keep your body.

This journey of health starts from the time when you are a child. You eat well, play well and do sufficient exercise that you remain so. Plus there is the environment that one lives in. a clean healthy environment free from pollution and other man made toxins is a savour.

Plus there is the kind of life you live. Living life in the glamour and glitter is bound to grip you to the negative side of life. You likeable to be caught in the vice of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Plus your eating change. You also become dependent on vehicles and your body gets less exercise. You begin to suffer with what is called the rich man’s disease.

Natural living is the best. Your closer to nature where you breathe in fresh air and live in an environment of peace and tranquillity. This can do wonders to the body and mind.

Living a life of peace with nature but also with your neighbours and fellow men is another part of healthy living. Taking part in social activities and helping others when in time of need makes the heart and mind to rest at peace. This is because you share love then you get love in return. This is a wonderful atmosphere to be in.

As can be seen of what I have written that wanting to live is just not about money. Money hardly plays apart in it. It is more of our attitude to life which living more blissful. Money can only buy temporary relief but never gives a permanent solution to life.

So you want to live a life which is fully than you are doing at present, then it is better that you start eating healthy and living closer to nature with harmony with your neighbours. You will only be grateful when you exit from this world.

Steven William Pitts

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