Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cat out of the Bag

“The cat is eventually out of the bag”. What cat, which bag! That is what you must be asking yourself. The cat is the scam involving the traffic police that has come to the knowledge of the common people that they have not been putting all the money collected from traffic rule violators into the bank. The high and mighty have been taking a cut and putting it into their pocket.

Millions are pouring in each month, and officially a traffic police gets a 15% cut for each violator he catches so instead of trying to manage the traffic in an orderly manner, he would be on the out-look to catch violators because it would increase his revenue/income.

The two most lubricate means are those that drink and drive and those not wearing seat belts. The irony is that the seat belts are for only the private transportation not for the public ones. If either of them meet with an accident then death and injury is the same for both, I do not think I am wrong. The only reason is that the public transportation like to enforce their own rule and no one can do a damn thing about it. That is why they drive recklessly and with impunity. They care for money and only how much they can make. They over crowd their vehicle.

Here in Nepal, anybody does as he please and no one is accountable except for those who do not have power and a voice. Because every person is some Tom, Dick or Harry or knows one of them. Honesty does not pay in this country, but corruption does.

Steven William Pitts

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