Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Eternal Sin

Have we sopped a moment to think what is “the Eternal Sin”? There is much propaganda that it was the fatal mistake that woman made by disobeying the command of GOD for which she and her man for whom she was made a partner has to be driven out of the garden of Eden. It is further said that her man was made from the dust of the earth and she was from his rib so that he may have a companion and not feel bored.
The first female was Eve which in literal terms signifies the beginning as we have in Christmas eve or the eve before a big event but this seems to be a bit ambiguous as before Eve came Adam so why is it not know as Adam where has Adam has been stuck with a total connotation altogether – the Adam’s Apple. I generally believe that it was when the apple given to him by his counterpart got stuck in his throat and ever since grown up men have a lump abutting out in their neck; whether this is a myth or in true reality. It is believe that it was so as a reminder to him to be weary of women as they can easily lead you astray and get you into all sorts of trouble.
This tree is know by many names, “the tree of life”, “the tree of sin”, “the tree of eternal sin” etc. If God did not want man to sin, why did he put in such a place and also warn him of the consequence if he loved man so much? This brings me to a logic, that either God was as sinful as man as to do so or he was experimenting with the enticing factor that if he left it as such then man would always remain innocent and he would never multiply his kind. In truth, he wanted man to sin so that he would have an excuse to make his experiment successful.
Taking the thought to another level, the term – the eternal sin, the tree of life and so on, can have another significance which can be given the freedom to take the pleasures of sex so that life may metamorphose and continue with its existence. The plan of God was clandestine and shrouded in conspiracy.
So coming to my conclusion on this topic, it is only fathomable to say that the eternal sin was nothing else but sex that the creator of man forgot to genetically engineer into man, so he had to make woman and used sex to make it a taboo essential and craving in order that he is not a failure in his special efforts. He made man the sinner which otherwise he should have been indicted for. And in final words the person or people that we refer to gods are aliens as known on earth that needed to continue with their linage as their planet from which they came was in destructive mode because of their own doings which sadly has been inherited by man. History seems to be repeating itself. One day we humans will become god once we understand that the eternal sin will need to be transferred else where in the galaxy for we human species to continue with our being but then let us not make the mistake of creating an eternal sin where ever we create our kind. Just be sensible and engineer both male and female and ask the to continue with their duty of making their kind.
This is my person rationality which derives from what I presume is the truth of the what is called the eternal sin.
By Steven William Pitts
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